Our work: Digital Learning

Creative practices for online teaching and learning of music and digital arts

Develop innovative strategies and dissemination of pedagogical practices involved with
remote teaching for musical collaborations

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Chris Chafe

Duca Family Professor

Alex Chechile

School of Humanities and Sciences

Music and art are particularly challenging to teach and learn remotely. There are technological barriers, as well pedagogical. Workshops open to both students and educators, we will share exciting developments happening in remote music teaching at Stanford with high schools across the country.

Part of the work is focused on solutions to common technological barriers. At CCRMA, we have developed accessible solutions for high-quality remote music performance using low-latency audio transmission technology (named jacktrip).

Common teleconferencing software is extremely problematic for music as it does not offer synchronous “in-time” performance between two or more people and the typical audio compression which is geared to voice communication distorts non-vocal musical signals.

We will use jacktrip technology in the workshops, equipping both educators and students with know-how, systems and software for their own use, and evaluate effectiveness of programs which are put into practice.