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Starting with Sesame: Investigating Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood

The Stanford Transforming Learning Accelerator presents the Winter Lightning Talk Series. The series consists of three conversations that will focus on cutting edge research. Each session will examine research methods, breakthroughs, and opportunities to create new ways forward.

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Tuesday, February 15th 2022
04:00 PM—04:30 PM
Available toFaculty / Staff, Alumni / Friends, General Public, Members, Students
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In the first of three conversations on cutting edge research, Rebecca Silverman, Associate Professor in the Stanford Graduate School of Education will discuss her work with Sesame Workshop on investigating implementation and effects of a multi-media enhanced social emotional and language and literacy focused early childhood curriculum. She will also discuss the importance of and opportunities and challenges in early childhood education.

This session will be virtual, from 4:00 p.m.- 4:30 p.m. (Pacific), and include time for Q&A. A no-cost registration is required for each talk.

Rebecca Silverman is an Associate Professor in the Stanford Graduate School of Education. She focuses on research and practice related to literacy development and instruction of early childhood and elementary age children from diverse backgrounds. Specifically, she has conducted research on using read alouds, multimedia, cross-age peer learning, and small group dialogic instruction to support the vocabulary development and reading comprehension of diverse learners. Across her research and teaching, her goal is to shed light on innovative ways for facilitating the literacy development of diverse learners in order to ensure that all children have the opportunity to become engaged readers and writers in school and beyond.

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