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Leveraging Generative AI Tools to Support Teaching and Learning

The Accelerator Studio workshop introduced ways to think about generative AI in education contexts.

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Thursday, June 1st 2023
12:00 PM—01:30 PM
Available toFaculty / Staff, Students
This event has passed.

The Accelerator Studio workshop, “Leveraging generative AI tools to support teaching and learning,” introduced ways to think about generative AI in education contexts, shared use cases of generative AI in teaching and learning, and explored how these cases could apply to a teaching, learning or research project of your own. Towards the end, it included a hands-on workshop.

Workshop overview:

  • Introduction to the 3-D’s Framework: Identify where generative AI can support thinking, exploration, and assessment in teaching/learning contexts.
  • Real-world Cases: Explore examples of projects that have used generative AI to supercharge their processes, outcomes, and user experiences.
  • Hands-on Exploration: Dig into cases to find new ways to apply generative AI in the context of teaching and learning.

Presenter: Reuben Thiessen, Project Management Specialist, Stanford Accelerator for Learning

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