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Enhancing Reflective Practices with AI

This Accelerator Studio workshop will explore how AI can augment the way we grow and learn.

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Tuesday, November 28th 2023
12:00 PM—01:00 PM
Available toFaculty / Staff, Students
This event has passed.
Reflection is a key component of experiential learning, and developing reflective skills is an important learning outcome in itself. But what role might new technologies play in enhancing this process? Is it possible for AI to augment the way we grow and learn?
Join the Stanford Accelerator for Learning as we welcome Stanford’s Leticia Britos Cavagnaro for an innovative workshop exploring how generative AI-powered tools can transform reflective practices. This workshop will provide hands-on experience with AI technologies for reflection, offering fresh perspectives and practical applications on how to integrate AI into routines for growth inspired by Leticia’s upcoming book, Experiments in Reflection.
We will center our discussions around these central questions:
  • How can AI tools support reflective thinking for learners and professionals?
  • In what ways does AI intersect with design abilities and mindsets to enhance the creative process behind reflection?
  • What are the practical applications of AI in our daily reflective practices, and how can we integrate them effectively?

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