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Designing Your Own Chatbot to Support Teaching and Learning

Join this Accelerator Studio workshop to gain hands-on experience building a chatbot tailored to your interests and needs.

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Thursday, February 29th 2024
12:00 PM—01:30 PM
Available toFaculty / Staff, Alumni / Friends, Students
This event has passed.

Have you ever wanted to build a chatbot that was tailored to your interests and needs? Join us for a fun workshop that will equip you with the expertise to design, customize, and refine your own chatbot!

The workshop will guide participants through the entire process of customizing a chatbot. Starting with a solid design framework, you’ll learn how to outline a chatbot that meets a specific user need, incorporating critical elements such as conversation flow, user intents, and responses. We’ll share customization techniques that allow your chatbot to embody a unique personality to engage its users. You’ll gain hands-on experience with testing methodologies to assess functionality and user experience, leveraging feedback to make your chatbot better with each iteration.

Our workshop will explore these questions:

  • How could we build chatbots that are both flexible and predictable in teaching and learning contexts?
  • Which techniques can make interactions feel unique and personal?
  • What strategies can help your chatbot consistently deliver high-quality responses?