Explore proposed panels from the Stanford Accelerator for Learning for SXSW EDU 2024

How can research help us build a future of learning that is inclusive, innovative, and effective? Stanford education faculty and leadership join together with practitioners, innovators, and policymakers to envision this brighter future.

Explore the proposed panels on evidence-backed learning, AI & education, and inclusive learning of the future:

Building bright futures: Evidence-based learning for all

Forging connections between research, practice, and innovation is the key to providing evidence-based learning opportunities to every child. As leaders in research and philanthropic institutions, we will share cutting-edge strategies that bridge research with practical implementation across learning environments, both in classrooms and at home. Through the lens of innovation, we'll identify how technology and creative teaching approaches can improve both educational quality and access. Join us as we discuss actionable steps to weave evidence-based practices into the very fabric of education.

Panelists: Isabelle Hau, Executive Director, Stanford Accelerator for Learning (moderator); Sara Allan, Director, Early Learning and Pathways, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Mark Schneider, Director, Institute of Education Sciences; Simon Sommer, Co-CEO, Jacobs Foundation; Erin Mote, Executive Director and Co-Founder, InnovateEDU

AI, oh my! Stanford perspectives on AI & education

Artificial intelligence is reframing how we think about art, work, and life. But what can it do for learning? Specifically, how can we make AI go from a headache to a lifesaver for teachers? Stanford University has been a center of artificial intelligence development since the term was coined, and now, its expertise includes applications of AI to education. Join four AI and education experts from Stanford, who will share how AI can help us with K-12 curriculum, teacher development, and adult learning, and how to develop thoughtful and responsible approaches to AI in young learners.

Panelists: Candace Thille, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education and Faculty Director, Adult and Workforce Learning, Stanford Accelerator for Learning (moderator); Victor Lee, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education and Faculty Lead, AI + Education, Stanford Accelerator for Learning; Emma Brunskill, Associate Professor, Computer Science and Faculty affiliate, Stanford Accelerator for Learning; Dora Demszky, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education and Faculty Affiliate, Stanford Accelerator for Learning

Learning together: The inclusive classroom of tomorrow

If we dreamed big, how would we imagine a truly inclusive classroom? With no barriers, how might we equip teachers to meet every student’s needs? How do we bring evidence-based practices to diverse learners in real time, taking into account learning differences, race, gender, and all aspects of student identity? 

Practitioners, innovators, parents, and researchers have been working to design and implement a radical vision of inclusive education. This cross-sector team will reflect on where we are and share their visions for and best practices to create inclusive classrooms of the future.

Panelists: Dan Feshbach, Founder and Executive Board Chairman, Multiple (moderator); Elizabeth Kozleski, Professor, Graduate School of Education and Faculty Director, Learning Differences and the Future of Special Education, Stanford Accelerator for Learning; Vijay Ravindran, Founder and CEO, Floreo; Lakshmi Balasubramanian, Lecturer and Senior Researcher, Graduate School of Education